Jazz, Lounge, Bossa, Electro...

Double Album in collaboration with Laetitia CAMILLERI

Physical album – Packaging Digipack (Double CD)

Expected release End of May – beginning of June 2022

Be Love is a relaxing music project based on Mantras and Bhajans signed by laetitia Camilleri and SebioJazz

EAN/UPC: 3775000074920

Create and share emotions.

His musical universe, influenced by renowned musicians such as David Sanborn, Grover Washington Jr, not to mention geniuses such as Charlie Parker “Bird”, John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley, SebioJazz brings its play, sound and another breath to a music which today continues to innovate.

In association with talented musicians and passionate DJs, SebioJazz is one of those musicians who want to give and bring a positive attitude and show that Jazz is alive, that it evolves and slips through new trends.

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ALBUM CD : Jazz & Lounge by SebioJazz

ALBUM CD : Never Give Up by SebioJazz

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 Never Give Up +Jazz & Lounge 
by SebioJazz

Yoga, Chill, World...& Spiritual

in early 2020, before containment, a new project was launched with a special friend. Her request was so different from my main music that’s why I instantaneously accepted.

This project comes to the end, with our energy we will be ready around this en of year…so, let’s stay in touch for end 2021 !