Since 2021 after the recovery from COVID-19, great things have happened to me.

I recently joined different bands initially as a replacement, and finally transformed into offical musician.

just imagine my feelings ! 😀

In 2023, I have the pleasure of being part of these 3 bands which allow me to be on several musical styles.

Indeed, from Jazz with the talented Miss Caroline GSELL to French Pop-Rock with the brilliant composer Mr. Stéphane BRUNELLO through variety with the “Authentic voice” of Gwladys FRAIOLI and her tribute to Céline DION, I am right now the official of these 3 groups composed brilliant artists. 😃

Create and share emotions.

Collaborations with talented musicians and passionate DJs, who want to give and bring originality and combine the sound of SebioJazz in their creations and productions.

Listen and share their music!

Sebastian CREEPS